Diary of a Middle Age Comeback

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  1. theburgerking

    jizz stains visible on the hood again at 8:41. I’d say you need more double beef whoppers in your diet. I suggest you forget your behavioral health provider and come spend your cash at the place where you can have it your way.

  2. therainbowking

    F you Burger King. Ronald is the only way to true happiness. Only one place has americas favorite fries. Stop perverting our world with your whoppers. #makeburgersgreatagain

  3. theburgerking

    there is no need for hostility rainbow king. after all, did not Ronald McDonald more than anything else want a happy place where kids of the world could go after school? a place where they could live in harmony and collect monopoly game pieces and happy meal toys and play 1×1 with Michael Jordan and do their part in supporting the obesity epidemic? yes, my friend, I believe the answer is clear. even the Burger King is welcome in McDonaldland with a Big Mac and a box of America’s favorite fries. even the Burger King.

    Namaste my dude. Namaste.

  4. jordan

    the old stuff on youtube was better. this just feels like an unwell person going through something serious we clearly don’t understand. felt sad for him watching this, seems lonely. what happened to youtube?

    1. theburgerking

      legend has it he posted a video that violated the TOS and they terminated the account last year.

      he was in his element poking fun at the old school randos on YouTube – back when Joe six pack would start a channel and post 10 minute vlogs about their boring lives and he would take the piss out of them. I also loved the random stories like the one about the lady at the library and the toilet paper.

      as for the new stuff… well, let’s just say I think drive thru prank videos had jumped the shark in 2012. then again, I am the Burger King and I don’t like seeing my employees subjected to that nonsense. but whatevs…

  5. Rob

    He seems limited in material, talking at three people that watch his vlogs, and himself. The emptiness on his face that continues to grow/ also known as medication face is KINDA gnarly. Are we allowed to laugh or is said dude mentally goooooooone? Driving with a mask on seems like filler for some shit people don’t even care about, even Burger King above said the drive thru videos are dated. Pig mask stuff seems, like, real far out there, just grasping whatever sticks to his tent walls…

    1. theburgerking

      if said dude is homeless it’s great to see that even bums have iPhones in this day and age. God bless America. like others on here I wish he would post the old stuff, or at the very least post the video that got him banned (I never got to see it)

  6. Nimnoms

    YouTube has a become a strange and alien place since then. Not sure how I feel about these new stalkers though…

    I can’t blame you for taking your meds, I couldn’t even keep taking SSRIs for any length of time. I bet those manic highs feel pretty good.

  7. Phat Pharma

    I *absolutely love* the homeless journey and perspective

  8. MingBunhs

    is he on molly?

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