Hi. I’m Bipolar.

Music from Ryan and Olezhka Music

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  1. Therainbowmking

    Hey man, sorry to hear that dude. I have mental heath issues in my family and I know it’s real. Get treatment and stay the course and it can get better.

    Sorry for my comment, it just seems like you were jerking us around saying you’d post the old stuff and then deleting it.

    Also, not trying to be an a_hole but there’s no sound in the video. Tried it on 2 different devices.

    Best to you and hope you find peace.

    1. ractalfece

      I reuploaded it with a different audio codec. Hopefully that was the problem.

  2. Ryan


  3. Ben

    Among your best work yet amigo

  4. surrealisticpill

    I always lie to therapists and make myself seem completely normal. I thought that’s what they wanted, but in retrospect, I think I bored them. If I ever find myself in therapy again, maybe I’ll tell the truth, if my amygdala lets me do it.

  5. Nimnoms

    You can make that 20, old friend.

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