Sun Sep 17 04:02

This guy gets it.

Sat Sep 16 00:21


DreadmWarrior being incredibly dificult

THank you, Dr. Ramani!

and the same to you.

7:17 another one.

Learn to be two places at once.


New Moon

7 17 79

The Miseebacon

Wed Sep 13 08:11
Hey Google Give me some music for white folks to listen to on their headphones when they're out and about this mornign

what shoudl they be listen to when the moon rises?

i'm looking for a late night movie to show my black girls, tonight.

Mon Sep 12 17:27

Wising up the marks.

Dear YouTube,

My name was exit17. I was recently kicked offf of your platform for making art. Anyhow, I'm not writing to you about that. Today, I'm writing as a white hat hacker. I've discovered a spiritual security flaw in the algorhythem.

so basically, I was reading that ai uses meshes upon meshes and that there is some feedback programmed between meshes but one of the mysterious of the human brain is that the optic nerve has 8 times as much processing power dedicated to feedback than to forward processing. This is one of those baffling things. Why?

You ever had an experience of looking across the room and seeing a maniac looking at you, and you slowly reach for the light switch and then flick, it's a pile of socks.

you're using ai to feed me emotionally relevant content based on my identity. well, I figured out a hack. And I'm able to switch between different racial, sexual, and cultural meshes, simply by choosing from the videos you display to me.

thought you might want to fix this before someone liberates internet culture.

editional evidence

this post is sponsored by apple

this post is a commericial for my movie, The Misaabekong

I asked the algo for a late night movie. I'll post it at 5:00AM

How about a music video for now?

Mon Sep 11 19:48

Saul's TV Guide: Tue Sep 12 Early

00:00 Old and Classicx
00:01 Human sacrifice(female)
00:02 Human sacrifice(female)
00:03 Human sacrifice(female)
00:04 Human sacrifice(child)

00:34 Science Talk

2:54 Movie for those waiting for the sun

10:29 Late Morning Stretch

Mon Sep 11 19:24


Mon Sep 11 11:11


happy misaabekong
this website is sponsored by

Any more questions...

for Zuck?
how about that Misaabekong.


logging off and taking a bow. All i did was let the algo play my emotions. See I wasn't insane! I just caught them doing it,yet again.

And a special thanks....

you know what you did...

If you liked this kind of artwork.

Maybe checkout Envelope Books. They sponsored this episode cause they see what I'm doing. Sept 14th, the Misaabekong.

Alright, alright, alright, alright

bow, bow, bow, bow, bow,
I hope to have the trailer for THE MISAABEKONG done in time for new moon.

Any questions?

The hardest part about creating change?
What is light?
How did we find the speed of light?

And they just downloaded

the raw footage of The Misaabekong. never give up.

The government hacked my phone

And they know I am a hacker.
They know that I know that they know and they're watching me eat croisants.

Don't worry, I'm safe.

I'm not even in god's military. because.

Get out and vote

for Klobuchar. and The Misaabekong.

Hey, everybody!

I'd like to say, thank you
Now, I'm going to go work on my movie, The Misaabekong.


I'll give you one about your work ethic.
But like this has been a lot of ad links sold to you.
Might want to slow down and check your x.
Make sure you can pay for it all.

Sure, you can pay more

and get a cool one where you aren't crying.

Musk wants to out bid

not a limited resource

Sugar Bush

loves the The Misaabekong.

Musk is in.

x misaabekong

More great news

amazon wants to sponsor the MISAABEkONG.
jeff wants me to post this link.

Great news!

just got a weird phone call.
all the funding for the Misaabekong has been secured. it's with apple. Mon Sep 11 08:01

Are you having?

a crisis?

Last night on earther

before the end of the world.

Mon Sep 07:50

It's a real...


Fighter Pilot Mindset

Mon Sep 11 07:45

and how to acheive it.

Mon Sep 11 07:42

Focus about saying no.

Mon Sep 11 07:29


You found me, bitch.

Fr Sep 8 12:38

exciting announcement

I'm making a feature length film called The Misaabekong.

It's the psychotic shit you guys all love

so yeah, the film is called


On Sept. 14, 2023, I will realize a trailer.

The footage is all on my camera right now.

Before I touch it, I'm going to export it all, uncut in sequence.

I'm going to create a bit torrent of this file.

I am not going to seed it.

Unless I have to.

You know,

take the easy way out.

For mental health reasons.