Rainbow Collapse

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  1. Paul Wall

    hey holden, kinda losing interest, family. need some diary of a job hunt over here.

  2. Wellerz

    old vom
    noo vom
    total vom dot com

  3. Paul Wall

    welp, maybe he will resurface again in 10 years. then vanish again. and then 10 years after that he’ll come back one last time to do some video responses from the old folks home.

  4. therainbowking

    then he deletes the links to the two old vids he bothered to post. he can still put a website together so I’m ruling out that he is mentally ill. the only other option is he is so bored he’s trolling the 20 people left who still cared for his own amusement. make that 19.

    1. Blue-hair itch project

      Hopefully the rainbow collapses on you , you giant baby- find more hobbies ms nobody.

      1. therainbowking

        how dare you imply that I don’t have any hobbies? I’m an avid stamp collector and geocacher, thank you very much. I also play bass at the kids club of the first united church of mcdonaldland. we’re reaching the youth of america for ronald.

        post your old shit dude, it was top notch. or throw a low budget DVD together and sell it.

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